Crazy Jared

The party left the Cusp of Sunrise having accepted the quest from Davked to find his son in the Underdark.

Their only clue was a mad hermit called Crazy Jared. As they approached the hermit’s hut he was attacked by a rogue dragon. The party beat the dragon and obtained directions to a fissure into the underdark. After fighting past several creatures they discovered the old temple of the lizard folk

The temple of Bhal Hamatugn held a tribe of lizardfolk who were initially very aggressive, but through careful negotiation the party made their way through the complex, and met with Zenith. Rather than being a captive, Zenith had actually been elevated to near god status by the lizardfolk, perhaps because of his visions and prophecies. The party narrowly avoided a fight, persuading the barking mad Zenith to accompany them to Cauldron on a “state visit”. In Cauldron Zenith did appear to be greeted as a long lost son by Davked, but Odd had her suspicions.



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