Crazy Zenith

After returning Zenith to his “father” the party again met with the Striders’ leader Meerthan who requested that they return to Triel’s headquarters to close the portal opened by the Cagewrights and rescue his men.

They battled past the undead and demonic forces who actually seemed to be fighting amongst themselves. At the portal they found Shensen, the only surviving member of the Striders and closed the portal.

Returning to Cauldron they rested for only a few hours before alarm bells in the night woke them. It seemed that someone had summoned some fire elemental creatures and set them on the local hostel where the new mercenary half orc town guard were staying.

Having defeated the elementals they rested up before setting out to speak with Maavu in the nearby town of Redgorge only to find a Lizardfolk armay at the gates. Zenith and the envoy had apparently not returned to the Shrine…



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