To Redgorge

The group accepted Maavu’s invitation to travel to Redgorge to discuss the recent events in Cauldron. They avoided the Lizardfolk “invaders” and met with The Chisel organisation in a secret room in Redgorge.

During the meeting The Chisel revealed that Alek had disappeared and they were worried about his whereabouts. The Chisel had originally sponsored his challenge of the Cauldron Town Guard Captain. But now with rumours that the Cauldron guard, boosted by half orc mercenaries, were considering a strike on Redgorge they thought that a retraction of the challenge by Alek was the right course of action. Without Alek there could be no retraction and the Cauldron mercenaries were more likely to attack. Once they had dispatched with the Lizardfolk.

The group discovered an old map in an antique shop frequented by Alek which held a potential clue as to his location. They started to follow the map but at an old cave some miles from Redgorge they discovered an injured traveller from another plane who pleaded with them to travel through a portal to his land and rescue his people from the evil magic user who had travelled there to create and test the ultimate weapon with which to enslave Cauldron.

The group discovered a wand in the cave marked with the symbol of Torm and the Cauldron city emblem. Alek had obviously come this way but had he travelled through the portal or continued to follow the map..?

Through the portal the party discovered a world of ice and snow. A fort contained the burned remains of several guards and inhabitants which when the party arrived were being looted by a tribe of Orcs.



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