I’m sure I had backgrounds from several of you, but I’m not sure where I filed them (too many email accounts ! )

Gordian Born in a human family that have always served the Loudwater guard Gordian did also become a guard. He’s not a particular succesful nor unsuccesful guard but atleast he seems to be loyal.

Gordian babbles with some magic and the things he has learned he combine with the use of his sword to protect his allies.

After being in the guard for around 5 years now he thinks it’s time to do something more exiting so he has joined a band of adventures so he can get out and enjoy real excitement.

These are atleast the motives that Gordian tells people when they ask why he decided to venture into the wild with a bunch of complete strangers. Gordian may have a secret or two though….

Ilyana tiefling bard

Like some tieflings in Faerun, Ilyana is not proud of her diabolic heritage. And even less proud of the dark secret that she keeps hidden in her heart, and tries to forget in her mind. The very essence of her being is spent on redeeming what she was, and she inwardly fears that all of her efforts are not enough. And so she spends herself on making the world a different place—a place of beauty in contrast to the darkness that threatens from within. She has shaped her natural talent for the arcane into a means of greater expression of the arts. And so she tries to fill the world with grace.

In the past few years, Ilyana has found a focus for her redemption in the fey god Corellon Latherian—the Lord of the eladrin, the arts, and beauty of all kinds. Some time ago, she found sanctuary amongst a community of the faithful before leadership there changed. With the change came suspicion of her race yet again, and so she was forced to leave. But she did not reject Corellon, even as some of his followers rejected her. Since then she has wandered the countryside, performing in taverns, village greens, or even in the woods for any living being to hear. From time to time, she accompanies various adventurers she has befriended on a quest of some sort, lending her arcane skills and faith to those who would do good in the world. Life to her is a constant cycle of song and struggle, and her goal is to find peace in the world around her, as well as within.

Liandra and Yog the Mog


Odd is an orphan the streets of Durpar, surviving on her wits and stealth – although more often than not her blagging and nimbleness have been the key to getting food in her belly. She believes she is the product of a tiefling lords rape of a tavern wench, and in her darkest moments blames herself for her mothers death during childbirth.

Odd has learnt to be watchful and always look beyond the obvious – both with people and buildings – which has proven handy to know when and where to run!

Odd left Durpar by working her passage on a series of trading caravans, as a guard cum general dogs body. She wanted to forget her inauspicious start in life and reinvent herself as an heroic (and rich) adventurer !!

Odd doesn’t think as herself as particularly attractive, even for a tiefling – but she does rather like the way her purple hair brings out the silver in her eyes …

Having joined the group in Loudwater, she’s enjoining the camaraderie … is learning she can do particularly nasty things with her dagger …. and relishes holding the kitty – rubies and all!


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